AP Eamcet 2011 Final Keys Engg Med Download

AP Eamcet 2011 Final Keys Engineering/Medical Free Download

Eamcet 2011 Final Keys are released. The Keys for both the Engineering and Medical Streams can be downloaded from the links below.

Links o Download Final Keys:

Changes in the Keys Setwise:
Set A:
Q71 - 2 Options are correct.(2&3 Correct)
Q100 - Deleted.
Set B:
Q51 - 2 Options Correct.(3&4 Correct)
Q91 - Deleted.
Set C:
Q62 - 2 Options Correct.(1&4 Correct)
Q105 - Deleted
Set D:
Q51 - 2 Options Correct.(1&2 Correct)
Q82 - Deleted.

Set A:
Q85 - Deleted.
Set B:
Q98 - Deleted.
Set C:
Q116 - Deleted.
Set 4:
Q89 - Deleted.

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