AP DEOs Seniority Transfer Vacancies Rationalization Lists

Andhra Pradesh DEO’s Seniority Lists, Transfer Lists, Vacancies Lists, and Rationalization Lists

Complete information is provided for 23 districts DEO’s Seniority, Vacancies, Transfer and Rationalization Lists. You can access all the 23 websites from here which are arranged in the alphabetical order. We have made it in a alphabetical order so that it will be easy for our visitor to browse quickly.

Please select your distict and then click on the link next to it and them browse the visited for more complete details and information.

Adilabad: http://deoadb.weebly.com/

Ananatapur: http://deoanantapur.blogspot.com/

Chittoor: http://deochittoor.com/

East Godavari: http://sites.google.com/site/deoegdt/

Guntur: http://www.deoguntur.webs.com/

Hyderabad: http://www.deohyderabad.com/

Krishna: http://www.zpkrishna.com/

Kadapa: http://www.kadapadeo.com/

Kurnool: http://www.deokurnool13.blogspot.com/

Karimnagar: http://deoknr.4t.com/

Khammam: http://khammamdeo.com/

Mahabubnagar: http://deombnr-ap.webnode.com/

Medak: http://deomedak.blogspot.com/

Nellore: http://www.deonellore.50webs.com/

Nizamabad: http://www.nzbedn.org/

Nalgonda: http://deonalgonda.blogspot.com/

Prakasham: http://deoprakasam.net/

Ranga Reddy: http://www.rrdeo.com/

Srikakulam: http://sites.google.com/site/deosklorg/

Visakapatnam: http://sites.google.com/site/deovizag/

Vijayanagaram: http://vizianagaram.nic.in/DEO.htm

Warangal: http://www.rjdsewarangal.net/

West Godavari: http://www.westgodavari.org/

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