Win a Laptop and iphone for asking and answering questions

Do you want to win a Laptop and Iphone for just asking and answering questions then continue reading......

You might have heard about a well-known and famous blogger named Amit Bhawani. He blogs at Amit's Blog He stands in the second place in India’s most famous bloggers. Recently he started a forum called Answersnext , and launched a contest on Nov 8 2010. The contest is simple, all you have to do is to ask and answer questions in the forum. You will get rewarded for every effort you give to the answersnext.

Prizes to Win:

1. 250 Points : Get 1Gb web hosting package at for 1 year.[10]
2. 500 Points : Tshirt + 16gb Pen Drive.[5]
3. 1000 Points : 8Mp Digital Camera.[2]
4. 2500 Points : 12Mp Digital Camera or 7″ Touch Android Tablet.[2]
5. 5000 Points : 10″ Netbook with Wireless Mouse[1]
6. 7000 Points : An Unlocked Apple iPhone[1]

So do you want to win those prizes, if so all you have do is just ask and Answer Questions in

Points Scheme:

You will get 1 Point for asking a Question and 1 Point for answering a Question. This is by default, you may also get more than one point but it depends on your answer.


Amit has formulated pretty good rules to make this contest competitive and interesting. So here are the rules.

  • Answers and Questions asked should be grammatically correct.
  • Select correct category for the questions you ask.
  • Links to personal blogs and Promotional websites are not allowed.
  • Inappropriate questions will be edited by the editorial team according to the site requirements.
  • Answers should be atleast 2 to 3 lines. (No one line Answers are allowed)
  • Questions and Answers ratio should be atleast 1:3. (This means if you 1 Questions then you must have answered 3 questions to claim the prize.)
  • You cannot ask more than 10 Questions a Day.

I think these are pretty simple rules and everyone should welcome them. There are also some mandatory requirements you should do to participate in the Contest, these are:

  • You must follow Twitter Page.
  • You must be a fan of Facebook Page.
  • You should subscribe to the email subscription of

Since this contest is started in Nov 2010, some of the prizes are already own, but there are still lot of prizes to be won and the good thing is that the Big Prizes ( Laptop, Iphone ) are Yet to be won.

Note: Contest is Valid only upto Dec 31 2011.

There is still a lot of time left and the contest is just in the beginning stages now. So participate, contribute and get rewarded.

My Rewards:

I am a Participant of the contest since Dec 2010 and presently now I am at 817 Points. These are the prizes I won:

  1. I have already won 1GB Hosting at 250 Points. I already started a blog called on this hosting account.
  2. I got a 16GB Pen Drive at 500 Points. Here is a Pic of the Pen Drive I won

    Contest Page: Contest Page
    If you have any questions you can ask here: FAQ Page on Answersnext
    Forum Link: Answersnext

    I wish you All The Best :-)

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    ArupBasak said...

    Good post. Let me know also when someone is referred by you and you get bonus points.

    Bharath said...

    Amit mentioned that refers will get bonus points, but there is no excat tracking system to find how many people i referred. So even though people register to the contest after reading this post, Amit will not be able to find that i referred that people. If we have referral link system then we can win bouns points, without referral link system i think it's very difficult even for Amit to track how many people we referred. Presently i am not thinking about bonus points :-)

    Anonymous said...

    Bharath sir, thanks for informing about such a great contest. me too will participate. i want the laptop. i think you are late in informing us the contest.

    uzair nawaz said...

    hello how to play game

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