epass Scholar Ships: A Money bank to Government Employees and Advocates

According to the latest news the students can apply for the scholarship renewal without the notary. This is the latest decision taken by the government. This news has been published in all the newspapers. At the last moment the government said that there is no necessary for the notary. This is a great decision taken by the government, but they are too late, because almost 95% of the Students brought the stamp paper and made the notary. According to Sources, Each Student brought the Stamp Paper for Rs.50/- which originally costs only Rs.10/- and gave a lawyer Rs.100/- bribe for the Notary. So the lawyers and people who sold stamp papers filled their pockets with thousands of rupees. So for every 1000 students the Advocates will get Whopping 1 Lakh Rupees and people who sold the stamp papers will get 50,000 Rupees. All the government employees who work in the MRO offices and Lawyers are Very Happy and earned a lot from this epass scholarships.

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