SMS Language and Chat Abbreviations

The SMS industry is worth over 120 billion Dollars globally. Text Messages Contribute to about 25% on operator revenues. SMS has near 90% profit margin for the operator and Costs operator almost nothing as it uses the “out of band signaling channel”.

Here are some of the common abbrevations which i use to chat with my friends. I hope these are Helpful To you.

Do You Know What These Mean?

ASAP= As Soon As Possible
ATB= All the Best
B4= Before
BBS= Be back Soon
BRB = Be Right Back
CU = See You
DK = Don’t Know
KIT = Keep In touch
LOL = Laugh Out Loud
MYOB = Mind Your Own Business
NE1 = Anyone
RU? = Are You?
SOL = Sooner or later
SRY = Sorry
W4U = Waiting for you
T+ = think Positive
CAD =Control + Alt +Delete
OTPI = cutie pie
OOH = out of here
LIC = Like I Care
KPC = Keeping parents Clueless
DYFH = did you Facebook Him/her
SML = Send me the link
KIT = Keep in touch
?4U = I have a question
10X = Thanks
2Mor = Tomorrow
BTW = by the Way
OTP = On the Phone
ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing
B2B = Business to Business, back to business
QT = Cute
PAW = parent’s are watching

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