Prepaid Sim Cards Sale banned in Andhra Pradesh

Prepaid Sim Cards sale is banned in Andhra Pradesh From today i.e., from 23rd August 2010. This is due to the harassment by the police to the dealers. The harassment is started by the police few days ago. So all the dealers took a collective decision to stop the sale of prepaid Sim cards.

The Incident which made the police to embarrass the dealers is, some people are irritating the women with abusing and unparliamentary by calling to their mobiles at night 12pm in the Hyderabad city. The victims who suffered these harassment complained the police about this issue. The police collected the telephone number from the victims and started investigating. They collected the address proof of the numbers and went for enquiry. when they reached the address which was in the application of the mobile number it was false address and the photos even doesn't match.

So Police started harassing dealers to verify the address of the customers and then provide the Sim card. But the dealers version is that the duty to verify the customers address is the sole responsibility of Company but not the dealers. They also said that this was also listed in the rules and regulations of the TROY. the police was not satisfied by their explanation and continued harassing the dealers. so the dealers took a collective decision to stop the sale of the prepaid Sim cards.

Dealers Association also mentioned that they are in discussions with all other states and sooner the ban will be in all the states and though out the country.

Due this The Mobile Companies are going to face 3 to 4 crore Loss for every Day. The Average Sale of Sim cards in Andhra Pradesh per day is 3 to 4 Lakh Approx.

The Dealers association also said that they will resume the sales only when all the mobile companies starts discussions with them and settle the issue.

So What do you Feel. Please Share Your Opinions.

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WHOsane said...

Since 90% of the mobile customer are prepaid users so this ban will not be sustain for a longer period because this will effect mobile companies. So, they have to find a solution for selling prepaid sims. May be some kind of law should be passed.

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