Facebook Says Goodbye to IE6

Facebook is ranked as Number 1 Position in social Networking Websites Recently. Now Facebook decides to Ends it's "Facebook Chat" facility to IE6 Users. The reason for it may be they are introducing some very new features that will not work in IE6. We should say that Facebook is little late in taking this wonderful decision. Already Web Gaints like Google and Youtube Stopped it's support for IE6. But still major companies are offering it's services that Work in IE6. We all should hope they too Stop the support for IE6 Sooner.

I Really have Nine Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninty Nine Reasons (9999) to say that IE6 is the worst web browser present in the market now. But Why is IE6 the most used browser till now and it's domination continuing atleast in India. Why is IE6 Not Lossing it's Charm?

Some Reasons Due to Which IE6 is the still Mostly Used Web Browser:
  • IE6 is the Only Web Browser Used In Government Offices Of India.
  • Most People In India are addicted to IE6 since it's launch in August 2001. They Don't Want the Change and They are Happy With it.
The visitors to my website are almost(80%) IE6 Users. I am really surprised when i saw the stats of my website. So I Optimized my blog template to IE6.If you are an IE6 user Please Upgrade your browser. Do you that IE6 cannot run the most advanced applications and it don't even have tabs feature. Start Using Firefox or Opera or atleast IE8, after using them you will never want to goback to your old,ugly IE6. 

Do You know that Firefox is the fastest web browser. Firefox will load your pages in seconds. If you have a very slow dailup  Connection Use Opera. Your Slow dailup Connection will turn into a high speed broadband connection. You can also Select Google Chrome, but to be frank google chrome didn't impress me a lot as firefox did. If You don't like to use any of the other web browsers except IE, You will have an option to upgrade to IE9 which is going to be released this year form Microsoft.

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