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It helps you make small green changes rather than to embark on a global rally to save earth.I am talking about small changes ideal bite is all about small.Small solutions, small facts, small tipsYou also have an option of receiving ideal bite tips in your email.

If you are not using plastic containers to take your food to echo friendly laptop covers and trivia facts, continently called cocktail facts and bang for the bite. This site is truly a shade of green.Doses of green for you and your community at 

There is news and information from around the world including pictures, special features. It’s a very well laid out site with complete with a blog page. This site even features a regular comic strip and even a world whether watch.

Green Goes Global:

If you fell strongly about preserving our environment reducing pollution, living healthy and spreading the word about it then you have to visit it’s a blog with a powerful message one that covers green infrastructure, green lifestyle, transportation, green cycling and even entries on how large corporations like Microsoft are leaving a green footprint. The best part of this website is the fact that it has the option of viewing every thing In hindi is well.

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