Tips For Battling SLOW Internet Connection,,,Opera Turbo.

What you will do when you have a fast computer with a very slow internet connection.In our world we share bandwidth, Internet is slow, Pages Don’t Load, Videos hang and Music keep buffers and buffering. So how can you browse websites faster when you have a slow internet connection?

Easiest thing you can do is you can just view content on webpage’s, take out images, flashes, iframes, and all the jargon except the simple content you wish to read on the website. 

Log on to
Web Penny Pinch:
Just type the URL of the page you want to visit in the search bar then webpage’s open up much faster.
Finch is good when you are visiting regular websites but Baresite is the website what you need when all you want is the text.

Uncover the world of Fastest Browsing
Bare site automatically detects the associated feed of the website and Gives you only the text.

Google Transcoder Service.Google Strips it down for you.
This makes large webpage’s into smaller chunks making it easier and faster to download.But what if you don’t want to compromise your web surfing experience just because of your slow connection. You want your images and you want your videos and you want your pages to load faster.

Get Electric Fast Browsing Experience on Opera Turbo.The program will first fetch the requested webpage on to its own server and then send it your machine in a compressed format.In simple words it doesn’t change the layout of the website but can lower he image resolution so they can load faster on a slow internet connection.

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