Lenovo Idea Centre A600,Lenovo Idea Centre A600 price.

Laptops are fun. They are small, portable, and efficient. But there is nothing that matches the power of the desktop. If you want processing mite you have to buy a desktop computer. But the problem is most Desktops look dump. 

Watch, Work, Play, Shoot, All with All-in-one Computer.

Lenovo is putting a lot of love into the desktop space with its brand new Idea Centre A600. This is a sporty looking all in one media center packing together a computer, webcam, DVD Player, High Definition TV and a Motion Sensing Gaming Console. 

It’s 21.5 Inch Crisp LCD Screen is a Great.
Core 2 Duo T6400 processor
ATI Mobility Radeon HD365
640 GB Hard Drive
2 GB Ram
21.5 “1080 P Display
Blue Ray Drive Optional

This even comes with a remote control that access your VOIP Phone, Media Center Remote Control Wirelessly. 

Priced At RS.70000/-
This packs the world in your PC

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