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The HP Touch Smart PC is more than just a glossy gadget. I would like to think about it would bring a paradigm Shift. HP Touch Smart PC will begin a new era of desktop Computing. The HP Touch Smart PC brings the touch to the desktop computer. It has Touch Screen In 22inch Glory. This is the best looking Windows PC Ever. The Touch Smart interface is based on Windows Vista, Vista doesn’t support multi-touch inputs yet. 

HP Touch Smart is rock Solid in it’s configuration. 500GB Hard Drive, 4 GB Ram, 2.16Ghz Intel Core 2Duo Processor, Built in Tv Tuner Card, Integrated Speakers, Remote Control And Wireless Mouse and Many More.
The Problem with the HP Touch Smart PC uses is the Average Graphics Card.India is primarily a windows based computer user country. 
HP Priced at 88000/-

Apple IMAC is really a beauty. It’s a Complete PC. Apple IMAC comes in two sizes 20, 24 Inch and the body is made out of one single sheet of aluminum. The finishing is unparallel. Apple IMAC has multi touch Interface. 
320GB Hard Drive, 2 GB Ram, 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2Duo Processor.
If you wanna do photo or video editing then IMAC are the Machine of Choice. 
Apple Priced at 95000/-

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