History of Windows OS, Features of Windows7 compared with other Operating Systems

On 20th November 1985 Microsoft opened doors for all those who could afford a computer. It is the release of first independent version of Microsoft Windows version 1. This Operating system lacked the degree of functionality and achieved little popularity. Windows1 was not a complete operating system rather but an operating environment that extended MSDOS. Unlike Everything DOS was Inherent with Clause.

A decade after windows operating system was gone a code named operating system Chicago was released in 1995 as Windows95. This new Consumer oriented version of windows3.11 was designed to have support for 32 bit and multitasking for the first time. 

In 2001 Microsoft Introduces Windows XP Code named Whistler would be the Microsoft’s most popular operating system ever. Initial release matched with considerable criticism particularly in the area of security leading to the release of 3 major service packs. Xp3 was the current addition longer than any addition of windows from 2001 all the way to 2007 till Windows Vista was released.

Windows Vista was Microsoft’s blue-eyed operating system. They Intended to have enhance security by having new restrictive user mode called User Account Control, Replacing the administrator by default policy of windows XP. This also means millions of unknowing notifications and pop up windows. Vista also featured new graphic features and completely spanking new aero graphic interface. Tons of New applications and Underlined Architectural Changes were addded. 

In less than 2 years after vista opened new windows for mobile and desktop computing Microsoft is trying to up the bar with windows ultimate. 

Installing the Beta OS is a breeze and once you are on the home screen it looks pretty impressive. The home page is a so short lessen with clean and user-friendly interface. We will see a lot of Aero like glassy design, and the change here is the task bar. The new task bar now functions like the some what like the MAC’s OS. Large Application icons on the task bar launch applications when clicked on. We can customize which application sits there. You move your cursor on the icons to get a full screen preview. This is really cool.

You can adjust the security level of the PC in four levels. Windows7 Action centre is a one stop place.
With Windows7 You can set up your home group connection with in minutes. Windows will now support Multi-touch.

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