Features to be checked in Touch Screen mobiles

The Ideal Touch Screen Phone Should Consist of three basic features:
1. Bigger Screen Size(2.5 Inch to 3.5 Inch)
2. High Resolution
3. Strong Battery life.
4. Choose a Mobile with Hand typing Alphanumeric Keypad Even though mobile contains full screen QWERTY keypad, Virtual Keypad, Handwriting Recognition, On Screen Keypad.
5. Touch Screen Should Be very Touch Sensitive(Responsive)
6. Choose a Phone with Memory Card In the Exterior Slot.
7. If you are going to use your mobile for business applications make sure that you can run business applications through it.
8. Make sure that you have Push Email and you can Edit Word and Excel Documents
9. Choose whether the handset supports Voice recording or not.
10. If you have free Wi-Fi slots available in your area then Check whether your phone is Wi-Fi enabled or not
11. Check whether your mobile has a dedicated Key for Camera, if it so then it’s a beautiful mobile.
12. Check the audio and video clarity
13. Check battery life
14. Check whether you are getting a Scratch proof Case with your Mobile.
15. Check for the on board memory. If yours phone on board memory is less check whether you are getting an additional memory card or not when you are buying your phone.
16. Check whether you are getting an Additional Stylus.

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