, Tips and Tricks in Bit torrent

Bit torrent is nothing but a technology on the web space which helps you transfers a lot of heavy files; download a lot of heavy files.

Download the bit torrent client by logging on to Now get started with search or whatever you wanted to download from the web space when you search you will be directed to a list of torrent sites that contain your file. Choose from the list the torrent you want and save it. Next simply add the torrent to the bit torrent window. 

Now what if you want to upload or create a torrent
In the bit torrent window select file and create a file option

Actually clients are the most important part of the bittorrent. There are lots of peer to peer clients out there. One of the top rated clients are the utorrent and azarus. 

Seeder: A computer that has complete copy of a file another computer is requesting.
Leeches: A person that is downloading files from other computers but is not sharing files of his or her won.
Swarm: When two are more computers are simultaneously downloading and sharing the same file.

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