THE TENDULKAR OPUS, London’s OPUS Store to be released after 2011 World Cup

In London’s OPUS store the OPUS of Little Master is likely to be seen with in a few days time. The London’s OPUS Store has opuses of the biggest and best known personalities of the world. Michael Jackson, Walt Disney, Manchester United and Ferrari are already part of it and very soon the little master opus will get his place. Sachin is only the second individual sports person after Diago Maridona to have an OPUS.

The Tendulkar opus took almost 3 years to complete and it has got something very special to set it apart. The OPUS also contains the DNA and Blood of Master Blaster. We have to wait till the completion 2011 World Cup to see the opus. It Contains some rare Photographs of the Maestro the world have never seen. 10 Editions to these are going to be auctioned for charity.

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