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Tired of Touchscreen Typing? Try Swype
Swype is going to be the next big thing in telecom. There is a company called Swype founded by the same guy who invented T9 of predicted text messaging Kris Kushler. T9 by the way for the guys those who don’t know stands for Text with 9 Keys. Mr. Kushler has now invented a brand new form of typing known as Swype. Now instead of physically typing the letters now there is no need to type any more, you can now just slide your finger across your keyboard. This is basically for a full Touchscreen device.

If you want to type the word “THE” no need to type the letters T, H, E but just Swype the finger along the screen it’s intelligent enough to predict where you stopped the finger and predict the word you wanted to type. It’s currently available in the Samsung in the US.

Read More about Swype at swypeinc.com

No Swype in India yet.

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