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Most People think they know all about Gmail, and they do everything possible with their Gmail. It’s generally used by everyone but not to its optimum. Now let me explain you how you can use Gmail up to its optimum. Gmail the most powerful communication and email pattern to be a networking wonder waiting to be discovered fully. Many users stick to the most conservative chat and email facility provided by Google. What most people don’t know is the Google Apps facility which helps you to maximize the full potential of your Gmail account.

If you’re large part of the internet time is spent on networking with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter and you don’t have time to switch between WebPages, and then maximize your Gmail by adding Facebook and twitter to your Gmail webpage itself. Just go to the settings and Click the Labs option, scroll down and click on the Add any Gadget by URL Option, that all you have to do is add twitter and Facebook, gbook and stay connected with all your loved ones.

Add the Undo send application to Recall Sent Mails.

Now you are quiet undecided about the words you put down on your mail and you think you press the send button quiet so soon, just add the Undo Option on the Google Labs. Now you can retrieve your mail even after you press the Send Button.

Gmail Reminds You to Attach Files.

Gmail now helps you to stay sharp. Now Gmail application prevents you from accidentally sending messages without relevant attachment prompting you to mention attaching file.

Add Google Search Engine to Gmail Page; Get Google Search in your Gmail Account.

Now you can add Google search engine to your Gmail page. This helps you to view the Google search results inside the main window letting you to quickly find things when you are reading and writing.

Customize your Gmail: Choose from a Plethora of Applications.

Google labs have many more applications so go to Google labs and choose the best applications that suit you, and thus maximize your Gmail account.

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