LG Arena, LG Arena Price, Review, Features, Specifications.

This was the phone that was doubted to be literally having an interface that would have taken on the iPhone. Has it. In terms of overall looks and every thing else it’s spectacular. It’s very well made. It has the LG new line ques.

A full touch sensitive screen, metal frame and icy silver body but this look something familiar some thing likes the iPhone. Well it’s pretty much that except that it is from LG and it is called the LG Arena. As the name suggests this phone has every feature under the sun.

It has a 5MP Camera, 8 GB Memory and a rigid based smart user interface and more.

LG Arena now runs on NEW S-Class User Interface which provides four customizable screens.
The menu comes in the form of a cube.

Three dimensional page viewing looks good and feels great to use.

You can also see the menu in plane format just like the iPhone the menu is well organized into the groups like communication, Multimedia, utilities and settings.

Arena is a comprehensive multimedia phone. There are photo editing options. Arena lets you view your gallery with a bigger screen and in out point attached to a TV. You can also make a movie with the phone and arrange the movies in the sequence of your choice and portrait them like a motion clip. It can play XVID or DIVX movies.

It also supports A GPS Navigation. It’s a rare hand set that offers Dolby Surround Studio. It is a true 3G Phone with camera in front for teleconferencing. There are a plethora of options for making calendar and writing news. What makes LG arena better than the iPhone is the intelligent screen locking system. Internet surfing is quick with very responsive touch sensitivity except for the fact that you hardly zoom it.

Total Specifications and Features:
1. Full touch sensitive screen.
2. 5MP Camera.
3. 8 GB Memory.
4. NEW S-Class User Interface.
5. Three dimensional page viewing.
6. A GPS Navigation.

Price 24,990/-

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